About us

About us

HUDDY DIAMONDS s.r.o. was established in 1992 as a distributor of diamond tools for various industries, in particular the construction industry, the stone processing industry, geological surveys and the decorative glass industry.

The company is currently one of the most important manufacturers and suppliers of mechanization for repairs of roads and industrial areas, in particular horizontal plate grinders, vertical drum mills, machines for removal of traffic signs, straight and wild joint cutters and industrial vacuum cleaners. These also include tools for all these machines for applications of grinding, milling, cutting and casting.

The company owns the DiaKat trademark and know-how for the manufacturing and service of the machines of this brand.

The company has its own design and development department and modern production and service capacities. All of this is part of standard ISO 9001: 2001. All products and services are supported by professional and skilled workers and focused on long-term business relationships with all business partners.

In addition to the DiaKat portfolio, the company range also includes table saws, chain diamond saws, handheld circular saws, core drills, cementing boilers, vibration technology and drilling kits.

Served markets: Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania.


How we are different

Professional work team

Many years of experience and positive references prove this.

First-class product range

We offer small mechanical construction machines that our company manufactures itself.

Consulting service

We provide professional advice and will give you a free price quote.

Individual approach

Our primary goal is a satisfied customer and quality work.

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