RK-10 E Joint cutter, Cima 2,2 kW, Siemens 4,0 kW


RK-10E is mainly used by flooring specialist for cutting joints in different surfaces, like concrete, anhydrite, epoxy and similar. It can be used for re-opening of old joints or for making new joints (dilatations).

The machine can use up to 205 mm diamond blades and allows dry as well as wet cutting up to the depth of 50 mm.

Machine can be used with „V“ shaped blades for chamfering joints prior to sealing. Easy connecting of dust collector hose means dust free operation.

Main application: industry floors treating, other interior works.

RK-10E advantages

  • Compact machine for flatter cuts
  • Hight power and efficiency
  • Small proportions and easy handling
  • Precise adjustment of cutting depth
  • Dust free operation
  • Cut pointer

Technical parameters


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