RSD – 500E Joint cutter

RSD-500E joint cutter

The RSD-500E Floor Saw is designed to cut various surfaces, using diamond cutting blades, mainly in enclosed areas. The maximum blade diameter is 525 mm and the maximum depth of cut is 200 mm. The machine can be equipped with segmented tool cover, the front end of the tool cover can be detached thus enabling cuts to be run close up to walls. Cooling water can be supplied to the machine either by external source or from tank mounted on the machine.

Main application: cutting joints in the interiors and halls.

RSD-500E advantage

  • Optimal for working in enclosed areas
  • Removable height adjustable water tank
  • Ability to mount multiple cutting blades
  • Split blade guard enables cuts to be run close up to the walls
  • Smoothly adjustable cutting depth
  • Hanging spot point makes transport easier
  • Height adjustable handlebars

Technical parameters


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