BL-300E floor grinder

BL-300E floor grinder

BL-300 is a single-disc grinder for broad scale of application. Thanks to wide variety of tooling and simple quick-fix system, it is easy to grind most of horizontal surfaces.

Grinder offers two versions of tool rotates. Low version 700 r/min. is designed for bush hummering (removing the horizontal traffic marks). Hight version 1400 r./min. is designed for grinding by diamond tools.

Main application: grinding of concrete surfaces in the interiors, polishing of the industrial floors to the final surface.

BL-300 advantages

  • Simple yet sturdy construction ensures long trouble free running
  • Great versatility thanks to wide variety of available tooling
  • Easy operation and adjustments
  • Easy transport and storage due to transport position
  • Adjustable handlebars height for comfort of operators
  • Quick-fix system for easy Exchange of different tools without screwing
  • Tool cover with dust extraction port to meet new regulations
  • Flexible tool connection, two different models for diamonds and TC tools

Technical parameters


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