The DiaKat brand - Huddy Diamonds product

We not only supply small construction mechanization, but we also manufacture machines. We are experts in the right place and we will be happy to provide you with not only construction machines and their service, but also expert advice.


Professional work team

Many years of experience and positive references prove this.

First-class product range

We offer small mechanical construction machines that our company manufactures itself,

Consulting service

We provide professional advice and will give you a free price quote.

Individual approach

Our primary goal is a satisfied customer and quality work.


We offer professional construction machines that are great aids when working on construction sites and modifying any floor surfaces.

Our offer includes:  floor grinders, joint cutters, crack chasers, roofing saws, asfaltové frézy

We operate not only throughout the Czech Republic, but also abroad, in particular in Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and France.


Cutting Mechanization

Our machines are used to remove horizontal road signs. Using diamond blades, a precise and smooth cut is achieved.

Grinding Mechanization

Milling of concrete and floors is done, for example, for balancing unevenness of the or removing old, damaged stepping floor layers.

Other Mechanization

Tinsmith work requires good working tools. Our range also offers machines for quickly and easily cutting roofing without burrs.

Říkají o nás...

„První stroj jsme pořizovali před pár lety. Od té doby používáme na úpravu podlahových povrchů pouze značku DiaKat. Stroje, doplněné o kvalitní diamantové nástroje, jsou spolehlivé a výkonné.“

Rentia S.A.M., spol. s r. o.


„Stroje DiaKat používáme již řadu let. Vždy jsme byli maximálně spokojeni s vřelým přístupem ze strany výrobců. Vždy nám vyšli vstříc s jakýmkoliv požadavkem.“

KMCH s. r. o.

From our youtube channel