Industrial flooring is of course needed in industrial plants, factories and private organizations, which needs to be ground or milled for various reasons. Concrete and floor milling is done, for example, to balance the unevenness of the substrate or to remove old, damaged stepping floor layers. A special machine for milling and grinding floors is used for this.

Our offer includes: grinders, floor grinders, joint cutters.

BL-300E Floor grinder

  • Simple yet sturdy construction ensures long trouble free running
  • Great versatility thanks to wide variety of available tooling
  • Easy operation and adjustments
  • Easy transport and storage due to transport position
  • Adjustable handlebars height for comfort of operators
  • Quick-fix system for easy Exchange of different tools without screwing
  • Tool cover with dust extraction port to meet new regulations
  • Flexible tool connection, two different models for diamonds and TC tools

BSL-250 Floor grinder

  • Machine versatility due to wide range of tools
  • Simple and compact design
  • Single phase / 16 amps powered machine – commonly available
  • Folding handlebar – easy transport and storage
  • Easy operation without time consuming settings
  • Flexible clutch for smooth operation with minimum of scratches
  • Dry grinding with dust collecting port

RSD-500E Joint cutter

  • Optimal for working in enclosed areas
  • Removable height adjustable water tank
  • Ability to mount multiple cutting blades
  • Split blade guard enables cuts to be run close up to the walls
  • Smoothly adjustable cutting depth
  • Hanging spot point makes transport easier
  • Height adjustable handlebars

RK-10E Joint cutter

  • Compact machine for flatter cuts
  • Hight power and efficiency
  • Small proportions and easy handling
  • Precise adjustment of cutting depth
  • Dust free operation
  • Cut pointer


Cutting Mechanization

Our machines are used to remove horizontal road signs. Using diamond blades, a precise and smooth cut is achieved.

Grinding Mechanization

Milling of concrete and floors is done, for example, for balancing unevenness of the or removing old, damaged stepping floor layers.

Other Mechanization

Tinsmith work requires good working tools. Our range also offers machines for quickly and easily cutting roofing without burrs.

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