Roofing cutting

Tinsmith works require good working tools so that each roof is perfect and stable. Our range of machines also includes cutting machines for cutting roofing without burns, quickly and easily. Our professional work team will be happy to advise you on the ideal solution for your business.

Our offer includes: grinders, floor grinders, joint cutters, crack chasers, roofing saws, concrete grinders.


    • Compact machine for cutting roofs to sections
    • Suitable for cutting in constrained areas, around chimneys, skylights, etc.
    • Powered by Honda petrol engines
    • Precise adjustment of cutting depth
    • Forward rotation of the tool ensures weeping particles from joints
    • Ergonomics of the machine makes the handling easy


Cutting Mechanization

Our machines are used to remove horizontal road signs. Using diamond blades, a precise and smooth cut is achieved.

Grinding Mechanization

Milling of concrete and floors is done, for example, for balancing unevenness of the or removing old, damaged stepping floor layers.

Other Mechanization

Tinsmith work requires good working tools. Our range also offers machines for quickly and easily cutting roofing without burrs.

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