RK-10 S Roofing saw

RK-10S roofing saw

RK-10 S is a saw designed to cut asphalt (bituminous) flat roofing and similar horizontal insulations to sections which can be easily manipulated. The saw uses blade of 300 mm diameter with TC tips.

The machine is designed to dry cutting. To prevent engine and other rotating mechanical parts get choked by the soft debris, the machine is fully covered. Thanks to this design the maintenance of the machine is a lot easier. Blade with TC tip sis primary intended for cutting softer materials without any reinforcement. Due to the unique shape of the blade, clogging of the blade by the soft asphalt sticky debris is limited.

Application: repairing and innovation of the flat roofs from asphalt materials.

RK-10S advantages

  • Compact machine for cutting roofs to sections
  • Suitable for cutting in constrained areas, around chimneys, skylights, etc.
  • Powered by Honda petrol engines
  • Precise adjustment of cutting depth
  • Forward rotation of the tool ensures weeping particles from joints
  • Ergonomics of the machine makes the handling easy

Technical parameters


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